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Oh ye brave of this Humble Gathering, the time is nigh for adventurers and heroes alike to come together.

INDEX TO PLAYER KNOWLEDGE (This is an index of things you may know or heard of collectively)




DEITIES, RELIGION, AND MYTHOS (The following is a list of things that you may have heard of or have knowledge of in the course of your lifetime in Faerun. It is a limited collective knowledge base, assuming you have conversed on these things from time to time. Deities and myth are very much a part of everyday life, and it is therefore a part of an individuals understanding of the world and everyday vernacular and consciousness. The listings and information are limited in a fashion that you may have only heard of such things, or on the other hand,  may have a more stronger understanding or conviction.  Most people grow with a limited understanding of the higher planes where deities dwell and exert influence on specific domains, unless they are exposed to specialized learning or rearing. The information is accurate to the degree that any myth or story may or may not be accurate. and is subject to how an individual experiences social relationships and collective understandings.  

  • Amaunator: The Sun, Law, Order
  • Auril: Cold, Winter
  •  Chauntea: (Earth Mother); Agriculture, farming
  •  Deneir: Literacy, Scribes. Writing 
  • Lathander: Spring, Dawn, Creativity, Birth, youth, vitality.
  • Mystra: Magic, The Weave.
  •  Selune: Moon, Stars, Navigation, seekers
  •  Shar: (The Dark Twin); Darkness, Night, Loss, Secrets, Forgetfulness
  •  Silvanus: Wild, Nature
  •  Sune: Love, Beauty, Passion
  •  Talos: Storms, Destruction
  •  Tempus: War, Battle
  •  Tiamat: Dragon Deity
  •  Tymora: Good Fortune, Victory, Success
  •  Tyr: Justice
  •  Umberlee: Oceans and Sea
  • Waukeen: Wealth, Money, Commerce


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