Tyranny of Dragons

The Humble Gathering 10-11 Eleint, CR 1492

Aftermath and Finding the Raider Camp

At the dawning of 10 Eleint, the Gathering finally found rest after the long night of fighting raiders and rescuing townsfolk. Helping as much as they could with the dead and injured the Gathering inevitably succombed to a long-needed rest.

The Gathering began their quest to determine more about the Cult of the Dragon and the whereabouts of Leosin at late Afthighsun, discovering the raider camp in the evening after sunset. They left with Leosin at Nightsend and arrived back in Greenest at the Dawn

11 Eleint, CR 1492

At late Afthighsun again, taking another long-rest, the Gathering returned to the Camp in the evening, and found it abandoned except for a few scouts and hunters. That evening they began exploring the cave at the southern end of the hollow where he bandit camp had previously been based.

Just inside cave: Ambushed by Dragonclaws

Discovery of hidden passage: Defeated Frulam Mondath, Discovery of map

Fugai cave

Stirge Cave

Drake training cave.

Meat cave

Kobold tribe attack, falling ceiling trap

Pac sole survivor rescued by Loriens wolf.


GreatSartaak GreatSartaak

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