Tyranny of Dragons

Humble Gathering 9-10 Eleint CR 1492

Greemest Aflame

9 Eleint, CR 1492

The Dark Twin covers eyes above in darkness.  Milil's prose, I suspect, will be needed when all comes to close. Billows of smoke and chaos pass over Greenfields, as a great wyrm passes with a brief moonlit shadow.  The raining light of Talos strikes the Keep walls of Greenest as men-at-arms who fancied themselves brave with sword and scabbard found themselves prone to their nature, trembling and cowering in fear. Tonight, and days forward, if there be some, there will be little tales to welcome a lady's unpaid attention or sport a toast to bravery at the tavern.

The Gathering on this day's stage-opening at moondark, found my audience, and as best I can, I thus endevour to delineate its composition.


The morning hours of Moondark, governed too oft by a twisted doll between sisters,  carried on with little haste, and for want of Akadi's apparent slumber. Selune's tears concealed in billowing clouds and the glow of fire set upon Greenest, lightening rains down in clockwork increments; the coming of each strike foretold by an electrified vaginal halo in Shar's veil, and a glimpse of a dragon's silhouetted head and torso within. Chauntea  slumbers, chained in her satisfaction with the foreday's harvest of the Fading; she tends to her sleepy eyes elsewhere.  Vignettes of a circus of scrambling bodies among homesteads appear in flashes of light and fire while Tempus teases us with a melody of Garagos' cacophonous symphony of basoon and panpipe.  The Gathering bears witness, prone atop a cresting trail leading down to the outlying Greenfields below.

Led by Lorien, wisping downward under cover of wood, leaf, and reed, the Gathering soon became realized in the midst of Common folk and militia in panic, affected as such in a town under siege by uncountable of dogmen, "Kobolds" as some regard them, led by a cult with an affinity for dragons, composed of all manner of folk, all with a notably apparent common purpose to the whole affair.

Scene 1: The Family Swift

 The family Swift led by its mother, Linen, were the first to welcome the Gathering. A family of wholesome farmers besieged by Kobolds, in the midst of their farmstead aflame after it was deprived of all things valued. Reptilian dogmen circled  the Swifts with daggers and slings; Linen, husband and father Cuth, and three children in his tow. The beasts fancied some sport in torment, the Swifts' demise an amusement, as the family's wares and small treasure were reluctantly spoils solely for the cult's purpose.

The Gathering came upon this family, and Linen Swift defending it with a broken spear as her bleeding, bruised, and hobbled husband, Cuth Swift, struggled to shield the children from Kobold slings with what remained useful of his injured body.  Mother…Wife,  as if fended off  vermin from the cupboard of her womb and for love of a man who sowed the seeds of her bounty, with the heart of Torm she saved faithful seconds with the hope of the appearnace of militia or miracle.  As if her courage and faith willed it,  from a distance, arrows met their mark within the neck of the familys' torment as Lorien provided quick to death several of the beasts with her long bow. The enemy scrambled with guttural reptilian yipping as the rest of the Gathering overwhelmed the stage,  hacking Kobolds to spraying ichor and severed head and torso.

Scene 2:  Make way to the Keep

 A not-so-common Swift family saved, another heroic deed engraved, ……………….the Gathering made way through falling homesteads to the relative safety of the Keep Tower, located earlier from the vantage of the crest. 

Lorien's guidance availed little help by neither Akadi's boon in speed, nor Mask's mastery in stealth. With the encumbering family Swift to guide as the remainder of the Gathering tended to vanguard front and rear, the rescue effort naturally produced an unlikely anomaly of order appearing in the chaos acting, as it always does, as a beacon to all who would smite it.  Appearing a large grouping not in tune with the cult's common purpose, the Gathering was spotted by priest to this cult in robe and cowl, guarded by coin-bought men in arms, and the wingless dragons men call drakes. A second battle ensued, much like the first. Making quick work of the enemy with longbow and edged steel, this time however, fortune found the Gathering an unconscious captive in the cult priest as a result of Pac's ironized maul.

The Gathering, with refugee and captive in tow, found itself a nigh 100 yards or so from the keep walls as they sighted the waving hand of figure that seemed an apparent ally at the yet-closed gate of the sally port entrance to the inner bailey outside the keep tower. The hand of the figure urged haste across the final stretch to the keep through open low-grass and field, offering little cover or hope against enemy fire and watchful eyes.  As the Gathering made the best possible dash of it while providing cover and protection to its tow, marauding Kobolds under cover along the perimeter of open field within flanking trees sprung to attack with slings and draconic yelping.  The attack forced  Pac, Zix and Rhogar to reverse their progress to engage the enemy in closer coordinates, and also draw fire away from the Swift family, none of which could afford further trauma or injury lest they taste death.  Again, the dogmen proved little match for the martial skills of Pac and Rhogar, and the arcane energies of Zix.  Easily dispatched, If it were not for a misfire of Zix's wild magic, the comedy would have been lost here, for it was the Winter King who at this moment was distracted; the source of Zix's magic inadvertently disposed of their captive, burning him to a crisp prone on Rhogar's shoulder. The love it all, I suspect the somber God smirked at this happening!  None-the-less, the mere sight of this otherworldly happening caused the remainder of the dogmen to flee, as it may have nearly caused Rhogar if it were not for the occupation of disgust and wiping the charred remains of the priest from his armor as he dropped a heap of limp flesh to the ground. 

I see the act ends here with the Gathering's exhausted run, passing the last length of vulnerable terrain, finding a moment's refuge as the curtain drops with a rattling chain, signaling the sally port gate lowering to closed behind them.

STILL WORKING ON the rest below.

Intermission: Nighthill and Escobert

A moments rest, the Gathering met Governor Nighthill and Escobert the Red atop the Keep tower. Nighthill a lordly man of good blood, injured and battered, had been defending the townsfolk with his own toil and ambition. Escobert the Red, a Shield Dwarf of Many Scars and virtue of past wars and battles, barked commands to what remained of his militia who were not incapacitated with fear or otherwise injured or dead.

Act 2: The Secret Tunnel

Atop the tower, the Gathering surveyed the chaotic scene around them. From this vantage, they became aware of the massive onslaught that swarmed over the entirety of Greenest, and the desperation of its leaders. The Mill, housing Chauntea's blessings in grain and flour, seemed under seige; set aflame it was, as an unwitting offer to the cruel one, Auril.

disturbed rat nest, Zix swarmed.

Attacked by Kobold search party with 2 cultist. Monk almost killed

The cover of the stream.

Act 3: Save the Mill

 setup and ambush

Betrayal by the miller's son

Act 4: The Temple of Chauntea

Eadyan Falconmoon

Folks saved, Temple desecrated.

Act 5: White Apple Tavern

The drunken Ogre

Captive Hobbits

missing savings, recipes and history of Greenest

Act 6: Breached Sally Port

Staying off the assault and incursion

mending the gates

Act 7: The Eye of the Dragon

A dragon never forgets

half hearted commitment.

Act 8: The Challenge of Cyanwrath

Death of Rhogar

10 Eleint, CR 1492 (Dawning)


Missing Monks

Apparent hierarchy of cultists/ Wearers of Purple

The raiders laden with spoils left before dawn to the east.



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