Timing During a Day

For the most part, the times of day in Faerun are marked by 10 physically significant observable phenomenon during the course of daylight and the night. This corresponds with Faerunian week that is comprised of 10 days, which is referred to a "Ten-Day," or a "Ride". There are some societies that have developed different methods of tracking the day and night with a more hour to hour numerical delineation, but the 10-based delineation based primarily on nature is more common, and generally, universally understood.


1. DAWNING (or "Dawn"):  Dawn or first sign of light.

2. AFTDAWN (or "Morning"): The daylight period of a rising sun before Highsun.

3. HIGHSUN: The period of highest point of the sun prior to its decline. Equivalent of Noon

4. AFTHIGHSUN: The period of light during the lowering sun after Highsun. Equivalent of the Afternoon and daylight Evening Hours prior to Dusk and twilight hours.

5. DUSK: The last period of light just before the sun is setting and touched a horizon point denoted by the beginning of twilight.

6. SUNSET: The very last and final stage of light that begins when the sun touches the horizon and ends when the last portion of the sun disappears behind the horizon, denoted by waning twilight.

7. EVENING: The night period during the rise of the moon, or in the case of a new moon the rise of "The Tears of Selune," where-during residual sunlight still obfuscates all of the stars in the sky.

8. MIDNIGHT: The period of Night where the moon reaches its highest point in the night sky, or in the case of new moon the constellation known as "The Tears of Selune appears at its brightest and highest.

9. NIGHTSHEART (or "Moondark"): The period of night during which the moon or the "Tears of Selune decline towards a horizon.

10. NIGHTSEND: The last periodof darkness in a full day where-during the moon has disappeared behind the horizon before Dawn. This period is more accurately delineated during the period when the moon has disappeared only revealing the Tears of Selune trailing behind during a period that is not a new moon. During a New Moon this period is denoted by the last 3/4 of the Tears of Selune disapearing.

Timing During a Day

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