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  • The Humble Gathering

    8 Eleint, DR 1492, dusk settles on [[Berdusk]], and the [[Afthighsun]] begins to retire. To the pious; [[Amaunator]] rolls over and retires away from [[Shar]] and her sister [[Selune]], who embrace [[Toril]] …

  • The First Humble Gathering

    A Gathering Knaves

    On the Afthighsun, 8th day of [[Eleint]], as is commonly known as [[The Falling]], 1492 years from the [[Dale Reckoning]] (DR), our "knaves," an adventurous group of would-be heroes, met …

  • Humble Gathering 10 Eleint CR 1492

    9 Eleint, CR 1492

    The Dark Twin covers eyes above in darkness.  [[Milil]]'s prose, I suspect, will be needed when all comes to close. Billows of smoke and chaos pass over Greenfields, as  …

  • The Humble Gathering 10-11 Eleint, CR 1492

    At the dawning of 10 Eleint, the Gathering finally found rest after the long night of fighting raiders and rescuing townsfolk. Helping as much as they could with the dead and injured the Gathering inevitably succombed to a long-needed rest.

  • Pac's Return to Greenest

    Pac returns.

    meets new adventurers

    Leosin went to Elturil to meet with a leader of the Order of the Gauntlet

    Party travels north through Elturguard near the Wood of Sharp Teeth

    Stop in Berdusk

     & …

  • Baldurs Gate

    Boating down the Chorantar

    Baldurs Gate

    Met with contact in Black Gate

    visited shops

    met Harper agent

    citing of Rheznar

    Joined caravan


    On the road …

  • Home Page

    Oh ye brave of this Humble Gathering, the time is nigh for adventurers and heroes alike to come together.

    INDEX TO PLAYER KNOWLEDGE (This is an index of things you may …

  • Berdusk

    Berdusk is a medium to large city that rests on the northern edge of a westward bend of the [[River Chionthar]],nestled in the [[Sunset …

  • Western Heartlands

    The Western Heartlands is a region located in Western [[Faerun]]. The Western Heartlands stretch west from [[Cormyr]] and the [[Dragon Coast]] to the east, and  blends through [[ …

  • Harpers

    Welcome to the Harpers

    Welcome to the Harpers. You're one of us now. Don't go bragging about it.

  • Elturgard

    Elturgard. "The Kingdom of Two Suns," is the first nation to have grown in the [[Western Heartlands]]. It encompasses much of the middle Heartlands and in its …

  • Sword Coast


    Running along the [[Sea of Swords]] from north of [[Amn]] to the [[Sea of Moving Ice]], the Sword Coast is a narrow band of territory dominated by the City-States of the area that use the sea for trade. The Sword …

  • Baator

    Baator is the proper name of the Nine Hells. The origin of the name is the subject of debate by scholars and sages who study such things.  Some believe that Baator is the original name of an undesirable domain at the dawn of creation. Others, …

  • Neverwinter

    Neverwinter is the northern-most city-state of the [[Sword Coast]] proper. Neverwinter has a population of about 23,200 at last count and is also known as the "City of Skilled Hands" and "Jewel of the …

  • Waterdeep

    Waterdeep, also known as the "City of Splendors" or the "Crown of the North," and is the most important and influential city in

    Baldur's Gate

    Baldur's Gate, also called simply the Gate, is a city-state on the


    Faerûn is a major continent on the world referred to as of

    Savage Frontier

    The Savage Frontier is the name given to the unsettled and sparsely settled areas in [[The North]], not including major cities, towns, and any settlements in their immediate spheres of influence. In the vernacular, It is a term used to …

  • Cult of the Dragon

    What is known of the Cult of the Dragon has largely been based on information provided by [[Drussa Brightcandle]], and that which has been learned up to the current ongoing investigation by the Humble Gathering.


  • Wearers of Purple

    The Wearers of Purple appear to be the highest ranking Cult members. They have been noted wearing dragon regalia and armor featuring the color purple.

    The following is a list of Wearers of Purple encountered thus far:


    Dragonclaw appear to be dragon cultists of some rank over ordinary cultists, and somewhere below [[Wearers of Purple]]. The party encountered a few of them at Greenest. They are noted for black leather armor-regalia, and a helmet that has some …

  • Talos

    Talos (pronounced TAAHL-ose ), also known as The Storm Lord (and long ago as Kozah), was the

    The Second Founding of Thundertree

    The Second Founding of [[Thundertree]] commemorates the restoration of Thundertree, settlement-village east of [[Neverwinter]], by [[Dolam Bram]], a peasant hero, and member of a famous group of adventurers who rid the area of a Young Green Dragon …

  • Order of the Gauntlet

    Welcome to the Order of the Gauntlet

    Welcome to the Order of the Gauntlet! Your dedication to defending the weak and dispensing righteous justice is …

  • Zhentarim


    Red Wizards of Thay

    The Red Wizards of Thay are an organization and …

  • Torm

    Torm:  known as The True and The Loyal Fury, God of duty, loyalty, and righteousness. His symbol was a right-hand gauntlet held upright with palm forward

  • Timing During a Day

    For the most part, the times of day in Faerun are marked by 10 physically significant observable phenomenon during the course of daylight and the night. This corresponds with Faerunian week that is comprised of 10 days, which is referred to a & …

  • Commonfolk Calendar

    Some Commonfolk generally understand that the Calendar of Harptos, but more often than not, most still adhere to the Common Calendar associated with ages past, as it is still more universally understood. Depending on the circumstances and ones level of …

  • Celebrations and Holidays

    The holidays that are generally recognized and acknowledged in all of Faerun are listed below. Their significance in a particular region varies based on a variety of cultural, environmental and other regional factors. Additionally, there are many other …

  • Zixianathad Starbreeze

    Zix is a nomadic researcher and seeker of knowledge. He has spent almost a century studying elven legends of both the Feywild and the Shadowfell. Notably however, he has never managed to complete an investigation, and the quest for the "civil" in …

  • Elsla the Green

    Elsla the Green is a beatiful dancer and tavern server at the Humble Gathering in Berdusk. It seems she is not unwilling to make xtra coin offerring her company for a fee. She is a friend of [[Leosin Erlanthar]].

  • "Pac"

    "Raised by peaceful acolytes... Went a different direction." "Pac" was born after an orc raid on his small home town. He never met either of his parents, and was raised by peace-loving acolytes after being dropped off in their local temple. Although …

  • (Deceased) Rhogar

    To Rhogar, honor was more important than life itself. First and foremost, for him honor was tied to battlefield conduct; adversaries should be treated with courtesy and respect, even if they are bitter enemies. Caution and discretion are key to a warrior' …

  • Dolom Bram

    Dolom Bram is a legendary folk hero who is pretty well-known to anyone who has spent time near [[Neverwinter]]. He is also known to be a ranking member in the Lord's Alliance and a prolific archer. As the tale is told, he was a young refugee-peasant …

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