(Deceased) Rhogar

(Deceased) Dragonborn Paladin


Deceased: Death by Kobold tribe in Dragon Hatchery Cave

Standing 6’8", Rhogar wasimpressively tall with a heavyweight mass of 320 lbs. to match. His head features were a blunt snout, eyes of shades of red, a strong brow, and distinctive frills at the cheek and ear. On the back of Rhogar’s head, a crest of hornlike scales of various lengths resembled thick, ropy hair. His hands and feet were strong, talonlike claws with three fingers and a thumb on each hand.

Dragonborn resemble in many ways what their name implies, humanoid dragons, and Rhogar is no exception. He exhibits many draconic features, including a scaly hide, a large muscular body, and the capacity to use a breath weapon. Rhogar’s scales were of a golden hue and in their greatest concentration around his shoulders, forearms, thighs, lower legs, and feet, and otherwise with a very fine leathery covering over the rest of his body.

Rhogar wore golden chain mail armor with glints of red and carries a shield emblazoned with his holy symbol, a dragon’s head in profile. He also carried a longsword as his main weapon, 10 javelins for throwing, and a warhammer on his back.


To Rhogar, honor was more important than life itself. First and foremost, for him honor was tied to battlefield conduct; adversaries should be treated with courtesy and respect, even if they are bitter enemies. Caution and discretion are key to a warrior’s survival, but for him fear was a disease and cowardice is a moral failing.

The drive to behave honorably extended into the rest of Rhogar’s life as well. Breaking an oath is the height of dishonor for him and attention to honesty extends to his every word; a commitment made must be carried out. Ultimately, Rhogar took responsibility for his actions and their consequences.

His continual drive for self-improvement revealed an additional aspect of Rhogar’s honor as well. He valued skill and excellence in all endeavors, hates to fail, and pushes himself to extreme efforts before giving up on something. Rhogar held mastery of a particular skill as a lifetime goal. People who share the same commitment found it easy to earn his respect.

Rhogar’s dedication to honor and excellence sometimes led others to view him as arrogant and proud. He shared a great pride in his past and present accomplishments, but was also quick to admire the accomplishments of others.

Swearing to uphold justice and righteousness, to stand with the good in the world against the encroaching darkness, and to hunt the forces of evil wherever they lurk, Rhogar trained for years to learn the skills of combat, and mastered a variety of weapons and armor. Even so, his martial skills were secondary to the magical power he wielded; power to heal the sick and injured, to smite the wicked and the undead, and to protect the innocent and those who joined him in the fight for justice.

(Deceased) Rhogar

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